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Asia Pacific – Partners In Education was established in 2011

The concept for the charity was developed by Alan Palmer. In 2010 Alan biked in remote regions of Thailand and Nepal. When he was visiting local communities, he became aware of the issues facing these communities. The village of Kutumsa was identified as a potential project following discussions with a Nepalese community worker and local village elders.

Alan is currently employed by Impact Project Management in the role of Project Manager for the earthquake repair project in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has a Bachelor of Construction Degree from Massey University and is experienced in project management. His specialist field is Cost Management.

Mission Statement

“Doing whatever it takes to bring education to disadvantaged communities”

We make five promises. Each promise is a building block that individuals need for success in education. Collectively these promises strengthen communities and provide support for schools

  1. We promise to provide schools and programmes that are safe places with caring adults
  2. We promise a quality challenging education
  3. We promise to respect the right of everyone to receive an education
  4. We promise to work with local community priorities and where possible use local labour and materials.
  5. We promise to work with other organisations to get the best possible result

Everything we do is based on ensuring that more communities experience more of the promises


We want to be:

  • - an aid agency that is great to work with, great to work for and great to invest in.
  • - a catalyst amongst other aid agencies for collaborative action
  • - a voice for disadvantaged groups


We value:

  • - Equality – every life has equal value
  • - Education – education is a universal human right and a key to community development
  • - Involvement – community driven action and ownership will ensure long term success of our projects
  • - Cooperation – working cooperatively is the fastest way to keep our promises
  • - Communication – information shared increases understanding and support for the work we do
  • - Sustainability – the ability to endure will provide lasting benefits to communities

Our Goal

Our goal is to support  and/or deliver 20 community driven projects by 2020. We will do this by providing funding and working with Nepalese partner organisations.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to identify projects that:

  • - are sustainable
  • - have measurable benefits
  • - are achievable
  • - are realistic
  • - are sensitive to local culture

Who Are We

Alan Palmer

Alan Palmer is the founding Director of Asia Pacific Partners in Education. He first travelled to Nepal in October 2010 on a 10 day mountain biking tour accompanied by guides from the Pokhara Mountain Bike Club. The tour group included 3 other bikers and 2 guides. Three days of the trip were spent in the Pokhara Valley followed by 7 days in Kali Gandaki Gorge. The highest altitude reached was 4800m and the terrain was rugged with many exciting and challenging sections of track. At 55 years old, Alan was the oldest rider to do this trip with the club. Proceeds from these trips go directly to teaching and training young Pokhara boys and girls in mountain bike skills, bike maintenance, guiding and speaking English. Theses are all valuable skills for young people in a country that relies heavily on tourist income, and where 50% of the people live on less than $1 per day.

Back in New Zealand, Alan is a Project Manager on the Earthquake Repair Project in Christchurch. He has a Bachelor of Construction Degree from Massey University majoring in Quantity Surveying.

Alan and his wife, Joanna have been married for 37 years and they have two adult children.

Mountain Biking is a passion of Alan’s. He commutes to work on his bike and at the weekend likes to explore the local tracks – especially technical single track, downhill riding and night riding on tracks. There have been more than a few cuts and bruises over this time.

Jagan Biswakarma

Jagan is the Nepalese partner for Asia Pacific Partners in Education. He is married with 2 children and lives with his parents at his home in Pokhara. Jagan is the founder of the Pokhara Mountain Bike Club which provides disadvantaged young people with bike skill training, bike maintenance, guiding experience and English speaking experience. At the age of 16 Jagan left his village and travelled to Mumbai in India. He washed dishes in a restaurant for 6 months then he became a manager of the same restaurant and worked for 3 years. Through hard work he earned the money to pay his way through college and University. He has now completed a degree in a Community Medical Assistance, and also has a Bachelor degree in Health Education, and is studying for his Masters degree in Health Education at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. His future was shaped by the sad experience of his childhood because of superstitions and the caste system. He has a dream to create a society where there is no discrimination particularly for children. He believes all this will emerge by educating children and providing them an opportunity. His volunteer work includes regular primary health clinics visits, health education, advocacy for underprivileged children, social and primary health care support for street and domestic child labor children in Pokhara. Jagan is a role model and passionate advocate for disadvantaged Nepalese children.

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