Muna’s Story

Muna is 15 years old. She would like to attend her local village school but there are not enough classrooms. Every school day she walks 2 hours to a school in a neighbouring village and 2 hours back to her village through the jungle. She also does work around her home. If any member of her family is unwell then she is expected to spend more time looking after them. The average income for her family is less than $1 per day per person. During the monsoon season when the weather is hot and there is high rainfall, she gets up at 4am to be at school for the 7am class. When she is going to school and coming home she will be wet from the monsoon rain. On the way to school she crosses the river two times. If the river is flooded she cannot go to school. Muna understands how education is so important to her future but often these demands are too great and children like her are forced to drop out of school. If she can complete her education she wants to train to be a nurse and work in her local community.

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