Corporate Partnership

It is the sum of all contributions, large or small that help bring change. Contributions come from individuals acting alone or as part of a larger organisation. We look to gather support from Corporate Partners who believe in this cause and realise that they can play a role in bringing about change We seek to work with leading Companies in long-term, multi-faceted partnerships that generate the best possible return for both of our organisations.

A partnership with Asia Pacific Partners in Education offers:

  • A new way to engage, motivate and unite your staff through working towards a common compelling cause
  • Added value to your brand and reputation by partnering with an international organisation for children
  • A powerful and honest story built on the benefits to be gained by joint work and cooperative action
  • A new way of engaging with your customers
  • A genuine point of difference for your business in terms of corporate social responsibility
  • A defined and integrated charitable giving policy across the organisation

A successful partnership will include:

  • Agreement  on objectives, process, resources and key performance indicators
  • Obvious synergies and shared goals
  • Appropriate resources and buy-in available to develop and galvanise the relationship
  • Central coordination building national and international relationships

Where To From Here?

  • We seek to identify with you which area of our work may most be appropriate to support, taking into consideration common interests, business strategy, objectives, key drivers and geographic locations
  • When a focus area has been identified, we work with you to develop concepts and budgets relating to potential projects within a chosen theme.
  • We work with you to identify which projects (according to your area of interest and commercial synergies) can be further explored and worked up to form the basis of a partnership.
  • When a specific project has been identified, we will present a full project proposal (including financial information, and needs analysis documentation) together with information about proposed employee engagement and communication activities. We look at how we can communicate our partnership to your stakeholders in a way that resonates with them at a tangible/emotional level
  • Please contact us for further information on corporate sponsorship

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